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Murder in Turkish

How to say Murder in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Murder is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

murder cinayet

How To Use Murder In A Sentence in Turkish?

He played the role of the detective in the murder mystery play. Cinayet gizemi oyununda dedektif rolünü oynadı. Murder is a heinous crime that deprives someone of their life unlawfully. Cinayet, birini yasa dışı bir şekilde hayatından mahrum bırakan iğrenç bir suçtur. The detective discovered new evidence that pointed to John as the suspect who murdered the victim. Dedektif, John'un kurbanı öldüren şüpheli olduğunu gösteren yeni kanıtlar keşfetti. Murder is the intentional act to kill another person. Cinayet, başka bir kişiyi öldürmeye yönelik kasıtlı eylemdir.

Questions in English with Murder

Have you heard about the musician who was murdered?What are the consequences of committing murder?What evidence was found at the scene of the murder?What is the leading cause of murder in the city?What are the motives behind committing a murder?What are the motives behind the murder?Who committed the murder in the mystery novel?What are the consequences of being charged with murder?Who murdered the victim in the mystery novel?Who murdered the victim?What evidence do the detectives have in the murder case?Do you have any information about the recent murder investigation?Who murdered the victim in the crime scene?Did they catch the person who murdered the victim?What are the possible motives behind a murder?When was the victim murdered?What are the possible motives behind the murder of the victim?Have there been any new developments in the investigation of the murder case?Who murdered the victim in the recent crime scene?In what year did the murder take place?

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