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Tire in Turkish

How to say Tire in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Tire is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

tire yorulmak

How To Use Tire In A Sentence in Turkish?

My body is tired after a long day of work. Uzun bir çalışma gününden sonra vücudum yorgun. The tall building occupies the entire city block. Yüksek bina tüm şehir bloğunu kaplar. I feel tired after a long day at work. Uzun bir iş gününden sonra kendimi yorgun hissediyorum. I spent the entire afternoon swimming laps in the pool. Tüm öğleden sonrayı havuzda yüzerek geçirdim. Wearing formal attire is appropriate for a business meeting. Resmi kıyafet giymek bir iş toplantısı için uygundur. The family spent the entire day at the beach. Aile bütün günü sahilde geçirdi. I completely and entirely disagree with your statement. İfadenize tamamen ve tamamen katılmıyorum. I am tired, but I will finish my homework before going to bed. Yorgunum ama yatmadan önce ödevimi bitireceğim. The invitation specified an attire of formal dress for the gala event. Davetiyede gala etkinliği için resmi bir kıyafet belirtildi. I felt guilty after eating the entire box of cookies. Kurabiye kutusunun tamamını yedikten sonra kendimi suçlu hissettim.

Questions in English with Tire

Are you feeling tired after the long day?Can you finish this task although you"re tired?Have you read the entire report?Do you agree entirely with this statement?Do you have any formal attire for the event?Is it normal to feel tired after a long day"s work?When do you plan to retire?Do you have enough savings for retirement?Have you ever had a flat tire on the highway?How long did it take to translate the entire manuscript?What is the significance of the color white in traditional wedding attire?Why are you feeling so tired today?What would happen if a tornado were to destroy an entire town?What is the traditional attire worn by Russians during special occasions?How far can you run without getting tired?What are the advantages of using rubber in the manufacturing process of tires?Can one mistake ruin your entire day?How can individuals prepare for retirement and manage financial needs in their old age?Can a single mistake ruin your entire day?What are the properties of rubber that make it a popular material for making tires?

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