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How to say Today in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Today is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

today Bugün

How To Use Today In A Sentence in Turkish?

I received three orders today from different customers. Bugün farklı müşterilerden üç sipariş aldım. Hello, how are you today? Merhaba bugün nasılsın? How are you feeling today? Bugün nasıl hissediyorsun? My father is taking us to the park today. Babam bugün bizi parka götürecek. Today is a beautiful sunny day. Bugün güzel güneşli bir gün. My daughter is celebrating her birthday today. Kızım bugün doğum gününü kutluyor. The weather is fine today. Bugün hava güzel. My parent is picking me up from school today. Ailem bugün beni okuldan alacak. Today, we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Bugün 10. evlilik yıldönümümüzü kutluyoruz. I had an awful day at work today. Bugün işte berbat bir gün geçirdim.

Questions in English with Today

What are you doing today?Are you feeling fine today?Are you feeling happy today?What"s on the agenda for today"s meeting?How are you feeling today?Are you feeling creative today?Have you taken your dog for a walk today?Is it extremely hot outside today?What"s the headline of today"s newspaper?What"s the heat index for today?Is it hot outside today?What did you have for lunch today?Have you called your mom today?How"s your mood today?Did you water the plant today?Are you feeling jovial today?Are you feeling lazy today?What types of video games are popular among teenagers today?What are some popular old-fashioned recipes that people still enjoy today?Hello, how are you feeling today?

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