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Ruined in Turkish

How to say Ruined in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Ruined is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

ruined harap

How To Use Ruined In A Sentence in Turkish?

He accidentally spilled red wine on his white shirt, which completely ruined it. Yanlışlıkla beyaz gömleğine kırmızı şarap döktü ve bu onu tamamen mahvetti. I accidentally spilled coffee on my laptop and now it's ruined. Dizüstü bilgisayarıma yanlışlıkla kahve döktüm ve şimdi mahvoldu.

Questions in English with Ruined

Have the recent scandals ruined the company"s reputation?What caused the beautiful garden to become ruined?What caused the party to be ruined?What happened to the hotel that got ruined?Can you tell me what caused the cake to be ruined?Can you explain how the cake got ruined?What can be done to fix the ruined artwork?What should I do if the surprise party is ruined?Can you please explain how the plans for the event were ruined?Have the heavy rains ruined the outdoor concert?Can you believe the heavy rain ruined our picnic plans?What caused the once beautiful garden to become ruined?What caused the house to become ruined?Have you ever experienced a situation where your plans were ruined?Can you believe how the storm ruined the picnic?Can you explain how the cake was ruined?Have you ever experienced a ruined vacation due to bad weather?What actions led to the garden being ruined?Can you believe the storm ruined the picnic?What happened to the painting that was ruined?

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