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Room in Turkish

How to say Room in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Room is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

room oda

How To Use Room In A Sentence in Turkish?

I need to make a booking for a hotel room. Bir otel odası için rezervasyon yaptırmam gerekiyor. I just finished painting my living room. Oturma odamı boyamayı yeni bitirdim. There are three rooms in my house. Evimde üç oda var. The students were proud of their organized classroom. Öğrenciler düzenli sınıflarıyla gurur duydular. The room is currently occupied by a guest. Oda şu anda bir misafir tarafından kullanılıyor. She walked out of the room in frustration. Hayal kırıklığıyla odadan çıktı. While I was cleaning my room, I found my missing sock. Odamı temizlerken kayıp çorabımı buldum. There are a hundred students in the classroom. Sınıfta yüz öğrenci var. There are nine chairs in the conference room. Konferans odasında dokuz sandalye var. Please make sure to clean your room before leaving. Lütfen ayrılmadan önce odanızı temizlediğinizden emin olun.

Questions in English with Room

Can we book a room for two nights?How many rooms are there in the hotel?Have you cleaned your room yet?Are there any rooms available for tonight?Where"s the nearest bathroom?Can I see your bedroom?What"s the capacity of this room?Have you ever been in this classroom before?What"s in the corner of the room?Is this room empty or occupied?Can you feel the flow of energy in the room?Can you move the furniture to the other room?Can you measure the length of the room for me?Can you measure the length of this room?What color should we paint the living room?How many rooms are available in the hotel?Can you provide some tips for organizing a cluttered bedroom?Can you tell me if the restroom is currently occupied?What is the current level of humidity in the room?Can you please notice any changes in the room?

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