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Really in Turkish

How to say Really in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Really is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

really Gerçekten

How To Use Really In A Sentence in Turkish?

I'm really excited about going on vacation next week. Gelecek hafta tatile gideceğim için gerçekten heyecanlıyım. I watched a horror movie last night and it really scared me. Dün gece bir korku filmi izledim ve beni gerçekten korkuttu. His constant interruptions really got on my nerve. Sürekli araya girmesi gerçekten sinirimi bozuyordu. The strange noise coming from the attic was really weird. Tavan arasından gelen tuhaf ses gerçekten tuhaftı.

Questions in English with Really

Do you really think that"s the best course of action?Can you tell me if hes really coming to the party?Can someones luck really change overnight?What do you really think about the new project proposal?Can you really believe what she said?What do you really want for your birthday?Can you really finish your homework in 30 minutes?Can you really help me with my homework?Can you really help me with this problem?Can you really trust that source of information?Can you really finish the project by tomorrow?Can you really swim across the lake?Can you please tell me what you really want for your birthday?How are you feeling really today?Did you really finish all of your homework already?Can you really believe everything you read on the internet?Can you really be trusted?How did you really feel about the new movie that just came out?What are some strategies for studying when the material is really hard?Can you really trust what you see online?

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