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How to say Parent in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Parent is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

parent ebeveyn

How To Use Parent In A Sentence in Turkish?

She plans to visit her grandparents next weekend. Önümüzdeki hafta sonu büyükanne ve büyükbabasını ziyaret etmeyi planlıyor. Parents have the responsibility to provide for the well-being and upbringing of their children. Anne babalar, çocuklarının iyiliğini ve yetiştirilmesini sağlama sorumluluğuna sahiptir. Both of my parents attended my graduation ceremony. Mezuniyet törenime annem ve babam katıldı. My parent is picking me up from school today. Ailem bugün beni okuldan alacak. My parents live far apart from each other. Annem ve babam birbirlerinden çok uzakta yaşıyorlar. There was an apparent mistake in the calculations. Hesaplamalarda bariz bir yanlışlık vardı. Apparently, the restaurant was closed for the day. Görünüşe göre restoran gün boyunca kapalıydı. She eagerly waited for her parents' approval before making a decision. Bir karar vermeden önce sabırsızlıkla ailesinin onayını bekledi. The delighted parents cuddled their newborn baby. Mutlu anne babalar yeni doğan bebeklerini kucakladı. Caring for an elderly parent can often be a significant burden on individuals. Yaşlı bir ebeveyne bakmak genellikle bireyler üzerinde önemli bir yük olabilir.

Questions in English with Parent

Do you think your parent"s advice is valuable?Is he the apparent winner of the competition?Did you call your parents yet?Are you financially dependent on your parents?Have you visited your grandparents" graves?Are you meeting their parents for dinner tonight?How often do you occasionally visit your grandparents?What role do parents play in a childs development?What is the apparent reason behind his sudden change in behavior?What did the weather forecast say about the upcoming storm, apparently?What are some modern alternatives to old-fashioned parenting techniques?What are some old-fashioned recipes that your grandparents used to make?On what occasion did you last speak to your grandparents?When do you occasionally visit your grandparents?How can parents support a childs development through play?What is the role of parents in teaching their children about responsibility?What activities are available for parents to engage their child in at the community center?In what ways can parents support their childs development?How can parents support their childs development through learning activities at home?Can you promise not to swear in front of my parents?

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