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Organisation in Turkish

How to say Organisation in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Organisation is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

organisation organizasyon

How To Use Organisation In A Sentence in Turkish?

Many educational organisations provide resources and support for teachers. Birçok eğitim kuruluşu öğretmenler için kaynak ve destek sağlar.

Questions in English with Organisation

Are there any international organisations working on this issue?How was the organisation initially established?What strategies do effective organisations use to improve employee satisfaction and retention rates?What role do non-profit organisations play in our community?What types of support do non-profit organisations provide to their communities?What are the key components of a successful organisation?What steps can an organisation take to improve employee satisfaction and retention?How can organisations effectively adapt to changing market environments?What steps can be taken to improve communication within an organisation?What factors contribute to the success of non-profit organisations?What is the purpose of the new organisation being established in our community?What are some key challenges faced by non-profit organisations in todays society?What is the main goal of the organisation you work for?What types of support do charitable organisations provide to those in need?What strategies do organisations use to improve employee satisfaction?What factors contribute to the success of international organisations?What types of support do international organisations provide to smaller local organisations?What steps can be taken to improve communication within the organisation?What roles do nonprofit organisations play in their communities?What are some key factors that contribute to the success of nonprofit organisations?

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