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Old in Turkish

How to say Old in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Old is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

old eskimiş

How To Use Old In A Sentence in Turkish?

The organization is holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss our goals for the upcoming year. Organizasyon önümüzdeki yıl için hedeflerimizi görüşmek üzere yarın bir toplantı düzenliyor. My grandmother is 90 years old. Büyükannem 90 yaşında. She has an older brother. Bir ağabeyi var. The oldest tree in the forest stood tall and strong for centuries. Ormandaki en yaşlı ağaç yüzyıllar boyunca uzun ve güçlüydü. I love wearing old-fashioned dresses from the 1950s. 1950'lerden kalma eski moda elbiseler giymeyi seviyorum. Old-age homes provide a safe and supportive environment for elderly individuals. Huzurevleri, yaşlı bireyler için güvenli ve destekleyici bir ortam sağlar. I need to sell my old car to buy a new one. Yeni bir araba almak için eski arabamı satmam gerekiyor. Winter is my favorite season because I love the cold weather and snow. Kış benim en sevdiğim mevsim çünkü soğuk havayı ve karı seviyorum. I bought a cold can of Coke from the vending machine. Otomattan soğuk bir kola kutusu aldım. My friend told me a funny joke yesterday. Arkadaşım dün bana komik bir fıkra anlattı.

Questions in English with Old

Is that your son? How old is the boy?Are you comfortable using old technology?Do you think older people deserve more respect?Which is the oldest building in your city?How old is your daughter now?What did your friend told you about the party?How do you manage your household budget?What are the symptoms of a cold?How old were you when you turned fifteen?Have you ever panned for gold?Do you like the golden glow of the sunset?Can you hold this for me while I tie my shoes?Did you hear the joke the comedian told last night?Who mows the lawn in your household?Have you ever spoken to a soldier about their experiences in combat?Do you need to strip the old paint before repainting the walls?Can you transform this old piece of furniture into something new?How many units of the product were sold last month?Whatever happened to that old car?Do you find old, quaint towns charming?

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