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Leave in Turkish

How to say Leave in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Leave is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

leave ayrılmak

How To Use Leave In A Sentence in Turkish?

The leaves change colors in autumn. Yapraklar sonbaharda renk değiştirir. Don't forget to take out the trash before you leave. Ayrılmadan önce çöpü çıkarmayı unutmayın. I have to leave for work in five minutes. Beş dakika sonra işe gitmem gerekiyor. I am looking for the exit so I can leave the building. Binayı terk edebilmek için çıkışı arıyorum. The wind will blow the leaves off the trees. Rüzgar ağaçların yapraklarını uçuracak. Can you please check if the door is locked before we leave? Ayrılmadan önce kapının kilitli olup olmadığını kontrol eder misiniz? The colorful leaves fall gently from the trees in autumn. Sonbaharda ağaçlardan rengarenk yapraklar yavaşça düşer. I need to find my keys before I can leave the house. Evden çıkmadan önce anahtarlarımı bulmam gerekiyor. I love to watch the colorful leaves fall from the trees in autumn. Sonbaharda ağaçlardan düşen rengarenk yaprakları izlemeyi seviyorum. Turn off the lights before you leave the room. Odadan çıkmadan önce ışıkları kapatın.

Questions in English with Leave

What time does your train leave?When do you plan to leave?Can you justify your decision to leave the project early?Did you leave enough margin for error in your calculations?Can you turn off the lights before you leave?Where did you leave your keys?Why the hurry to leave?When do you plan to leave for your vacation?What time do visitors need to leave the museum?Okay, are you ready to leave for the party now?Can you explain why the guests must leave early?What is the deadline for submitting a request for additional leave?Why did the customer leave the store feeling unhappy?What time does the bus leave at eleven?What is the most common color of leaves during the spring season?When will you leave for your vacation?What time does the bus leave for the event at eleven?What time should we leave for the party, maybe around 7 PM?What time does the train leave at eleven oclock?Can you please explain why you decided to leave the party early last night?

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