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How to say Just in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Just is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

just Sadece

How To Use Just In A Sentence in Turkish?

I just finished painting my living room. Oturma odamı boyamayı yeni bitirdim. I just received a phone call from my sister. Az önce kız kardeşimden bir telefon aldım. I just finished reading my favorite book. En sevdiğim kitabı okumayı yeni bitirdim. I just bought a new pair of running shoes. Yeni bir çift koşu ayakkabısı aldım. Excuse me, can you please repeat what you just said? Affedersiniz, az önce söylediklerinizi tekrar edebilir misiniz? I will always stand against injustice. Her zaman haksızlığa karşı duracağım. She became an activist to fight for equal rights and social justice. Eşit haklar ve sosyal adalet için mücadele eden bir aktivist oldu. The amount of food we had was just adequate for everyone at the party. Sahip olduğumuz yiyecek miktarı partideki herkes için yeterliydi. Please adjust the volume on the television. Lütfen televizyonun sesini ayarlayın. Making a slight adjustment to the temperature settings improved the overall comfort of the room. Sıcaklık ayarlarında küçük bir ayarlama yapmak, odanın genel konforunu iyileştirdi.

Questions in English with Just

Can you adjust the volume on the television?Is this real or just a dream?Did he just slap you?Can you adjust the camera angle?What principles constitute a just society?Do you think she"s crazy or just eccentric?Do you believe justice was served in this case?Can you justify your decision to leave the project early?Can you repeat what you just said?Can you adjust the tone of your voice?Have you just finished your homework?How can I adjust the settings on this device?What is the process for making an adjustment to the settings on the thermostat?How can we support victims of crime recover and seek justice?What did you just say?Can you please wait for a moment, Im just finishing up something important.Can you please wait just a moment for me to gather the information you need?Has the package arrived just now?How did you really feel about the new movie that just came out?What time did you arrive just now?

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