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Hard in Turkish

How to say Hard in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Hard is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

hard zor

How To Use Hard In A Sentence in Turkish?

The boss commended his employees for their hard work. Patron, çalışanlarını sıkı çalışmalarından dolayı övdü. The result of her hard work was a promotion. Sıkı çalışmasının sonucu terfi oldu. It was hard for her to concentrate with all the noise. Tüm gürültüyle konsantre olması onun için zordu. She got angry and gave him a hard slap on the face. Sinirlendi ve yüzüne sert bir tokat attı. Our team is working hard to meet the project deadline. Ekibimiz proje teslim tarihini karşılamak için çok çalışıyor. He worked hard to become a successful businessman. Başarılı bir iş adamı olmak için çok çalıştı. She trained hard and won the race. Sıkı çalıştı ve yarışı kazandı. She worked hard to accomplish her goal of running a marathon. Maraton koşma hedefine ulaşmak için çok çalıştı. She worked hard and managed to achieve her goal of becoming a doctor. Çok çalıştı ve doktor olma hedefine ulaşmayı başardı. I admire her dedication and hard work. Bağlılığına ve çalışkanlığına hayranım.

Questions in English with Hard

Did you receive a bonus for your hard work?How hard did you study for the exam?Have you hardly touched your dinner?Are you the hardest worker in your team?What is the hardest part about learning a new language?What happens when you delete a file from your computers hard drive?What made you laugh so hard at the party last night?What is the hardest type of rock?What is the name of the valley in British Columbia known for its vineyards and fruit orchards?What is the name of the Canadian valley known for its vineyards and fruit orchards?Can you believe in luck while also believing in hard work and preparation?What makes solving this math problem so hard?Can you believe in luck or do you think everything is based on hard work?Do you believe in luck, or do you think success is purely based on hard work?Do you think success is mostly due to hard work or luck?What are some strategies for studying for a hard test?What are some strategies for studying when the material is really hard?Can you explain why she is trying so hard to win the competition?In what ways can someone overcome challenges when faced with a hard task?What are some strategies for studying hard-to-understand material?

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