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How to say For in Turkish?
We share with you how the word For is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

for için

How To Use For In A Sentence in Turkish?

I left a note on the whiteboard for my colleague. Meslektaşım için beyaz tahtaya bir not bıraktım. I packed my books in a box before moving. Taşınmadan önce kitaplarımı bir kutuya koydum. I need to make a booking for a hotel room. Bir otel odası için rezervasyon yaptırmam gerekiyor. The boss commended his employees for their hard work. Patron, çalışanlarını sıkı çalışmalarından dolayı övdü. The two countries are negotiating to reopen their borders for tourism. İki ülke sınırlarını turizme açmak için müzakere ediyor. I need to pack my books in boxes before moving. Taşınmadan önce kitaplarımı kutulara koymam gerekiyor. I received a bonus for meeting my sales targets. Satış hedeflerimi tutturduğum için ikramiye aldım. She used a pottery wheel to shape the clay into a beautiful form. Kili güzel bir şekle sokmak için çömlek çarkı kullandı. The police used force to apprehend the suspect. Polis zanlıyı yakalamak için güç kullandı. The wind forces the tree branches to sway. Rüzgar ağaç dallarını sallamaya zorlar.

Questions in English with For

Have you made a booking for the hotel yet?Did you receive a bonus for your hard work?Could you fill out this form, please?Did they use force to open the door?What are the driving forces behind this movement?What"s the weather forecast for tomorrow?Do you have the necessary forms for applying for the visa?Can you save the document in PDF format?Have you ever lived in a foreign country?Have you checked the discussion forum for any updates?How many species of animals live in this forest?How are forests important for maintaining ecological balance?Can we book a room for two nights?How often do you inspect the roof for damages?Have you studied Roman history before?Have you placed an order for the new equipment?Have you ever ordered from this website before?Can you provide some orientation for the new employees?What does "org" stand for in this context?What"s the safest vehicle for a family?

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