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Fine in Turkish

How to say Fine in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Fine is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

fine iyi

How To Use Fine In A Sentence in Turkish?

The weather is fine today. Bugün hava güzel. Please define the word define for me. Lütfen tanım kelimesini benim için tanımlayın. Having a disability does not define a person's capabilities or worth. Engelli olmak, bir kişinin yeteneklerini veya değerini tanımlamaz. Whatever time you decide is fine with me. Ne zaman karar verirsen ver benim için uygundur. The doctor examined my spine and determined that it was fine. Doktor omurgamı muayene etti ve iyi olduğuna karar verdi.

Questions in English with Fine

How do you define your occupation?Are you feeling fine today?Can you assure me everything will be fine?What defines the boundary between countries?How would you define success?Do you prefer tea or coffee, or either one is fine?How do you define freedom?How do you define personal growth?Can you define the term "biodiversity"?How do you define wealth?What traits define a compelling character in a novel?Can you please explain why you are feeling just fine today?Can you describe in detail how you are feeling fine today?Can you tell me how you are feeling today, are you feeling fine?Can you tell me if everything is fine?Can you describe how you are feeling this morning - are you feeling fine?Can you please tell me if everything is fine with the new project proposal?Can you describe how the food tasted at the new restaurant as fine?Can you please describe in detail how you are feeling fine today?Can you tell me if the quality of the service was fine?

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