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Crime in Turkish

How to say Crime in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Crime is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

crime suç

How To Use Crime In A Sentence in Turkish?

Murder is a heinous crime that deprives someone of their life unlawfully. Cinayet, birini yasa dışı bir şekilde hayatından mahrum bırakan iğrenç bir suçtur. Committing a crime is a serious offense that can result in legal consequences. Suç işlemek, hukuki sonuçları olabilecek ciddi bir suçtur. The detective found a bullet casing at the crime scene. Dedektif olay yerinde bir mermi kovanı buldu. The chief of police arrived at the scene to investigate the crime. Polis şefi, olayı araştırmak için olay yerine geldi. The suspect continued to deny his involvement in the crime despite the overwhelming evidence against him. Zanlı, aleyhindeki çok sayıda delile rağmen suçla ilişkisini inkar etmeye devam etti. The deputy sheriff arrived at the scene of the crime. Olay yerine şerif yardımcısı geldi. The police arrived at the crime scene and began their investigation. Polis olay yerine gelerek inceleme başlattı. The jury found the defendant guilty of the crime. Jüri sanığı suçtan suçlu buldu. Killing is a crime in most jurisdictions. Öldürmek çoğu yargı bölgesinde suçtur. I will testify in court as a witness to the crime. Suçun tanığı olarak mahkemede ifade vereceğim.

Questions in English with Crime

Have you witnessed any crime in your neighborhood?Were you the victim of a crime?How can we provide support and assistance to victims of crime?What are the common types of white-collar crime?What are some factors that can influence someone to commit a crime?What evidence led to his conviction for the crime?How many bodies were found at the crime scene?How can society better support victims of crime?Who provides support to the victims of the crime?How can we show support for victims of crime?How can we best support and assist victims of crime?What support services are available for victims of crime in this community?How can we support victims of crime in our community?How can society better support the victims of crime?How can we support and advocate for victims of crime?How can we support victims of crime recover and seek justice?Who murdered the victim in the crime scene?Who murdered the victim in the recent crime scene?What is the historical significance of the Russians in the Crimean War?What should you do if you witness a crime and need to involve the police?

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