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Core in Turkish

How to say Core in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Core is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

core çekirdek

How To Use Core In A Sentence in Turkish?

She managed to score a goal in the final minute of the game. Maçın son dakikasında gol atmayı başardı. The core of an apple is where the seeds are located. Bir elmanın çekirdeği, tohumların bulunduğu yerdir. The school principal emphasized the importance of following the core principle of honesty. Okul müdürü dürüstlük temel ilkesine uymanın önemini vurguladı.

Questions in English with Core

What"s the core concept of this theory?Have you checked your credit score recently?What was the score of the game?What are the core values of your company?What are the different components that make up the Earths core?What is the highest score ever recorded in this game?What strategies can be used to beat the high score in the game?What factors can affect a persons credit score?What is the score of the football game?What are your core values?What are the core values that drive your decision-making process?What are some examples of core values that guide your decision-making?What are the core values of the organization?What are your core values in life?What are the core values of your organization?What are your core values when it comes to making decisions in the workplace?What are the core values that guide your decision-making process?What are the core values of the company?What are the core values of the company you work for?What is the importance of strengthening your core muscles for overall fitness and stability?

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