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Bad in Turkish

How to say Bad in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Bad is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

bad kötü

How To Use Bad In A Sentence in Turkish?

She had a bad headache all day. Bütün gün başı çok ağrıyordu. The bad weather continues to affect the travel plans of many people. Kötü hava birçok kişinin seyahat planlarını etkilemeye devam ediyor. He played tennis so badly that he lost every match. Tenisi o kadar kötü oynadı ki her maçı kaybetti. She decided to go on the trip regardless of the bad weather forecast. Kötü hava tahminlerine rağmen geziye çıkmaya karar verdi. He was determined to rid himself of all his bad habits. Tüm kötü alışkanlıklarından kurtulmaya kararlıydı.

Questions in English with Bad

Have you had a bad day?Do you badly need this item?Is it true that fat is bad for you?What are some ways to deal with bad weather conditions?Have you ever experienced a ruined vacation due to bad weather?What are some ways to prevent bad habits from forming?What are some common reasons for a bad nights sleep?What are some ways to handle a bad situation at work?What are some bad habits to avoid in order to maintain good health?What are the consequences of making a bad decision?What are some common signs of bad weather approaching?What are some ways to break a bad habit?Can you give an example of when something has gone really bad?What are some ways to stop a bad habit?Can you tell me how to handle a bad situation gracefully?What are some common signs of a bad cold?Can you explain why the reviews for that new restaurant are so bad?What are some examples of bad habits that people should try to avoid?What are some potential consequences of making bad decisions?Can you give an example of bad customer service?

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