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Annual in Turkish

How to say Annual in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Annual is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

annual yıllık

How To Use Annual In A Sentence in Turkish?

Oktoberfest is an annual beer festival held in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest, Almanya'nın Münih kentinde düzenlenen yıllık bir bira festivalidir. The company holds an annual meeting to discuss their financial performance. Şirket, finansal performanslarını tartışmak için yıllık bir toplantı düzenler. The annual convention brings together industry professionals from around the world. Yıllık kongre, dünyanın dört bir yanından sektör profesyonellerini bir araya getiriyor. She will represent our company at the annual conference. Yıllık konferansta şirketimizi temsil edecek.

Questions in English with Annual

Do you attend the annual company retreat?What date is the citys annual celebration?What time does the annual charity gala start tonight?What is the annual budget for the project?What are the eligibility criteria to receive the annual bonus at our company?When is the annual pumpkin festival scheduled for October?When is the companys annual holiday party scheduled for December?How do municipalities determine their annual budgets?What famous city is known for hosting Oktoberfest annually?Which famous city in Germany is known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration?What famous city in Germany is known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration?In which city is the Oktoberfest held annually?When is the annual March for Womens Rights taking place this year?When is the next annual march happening in our town?What is the significance of January in the annual calendar?When is the annual march taking place next month?When is the annual March for Science event happening this year?When is the annual Womens March scheduled to take place?When is the annual St. Patricks Day march scheduled to take place in the city?When is the annual march scheduled to take place in our town?

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