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How to say All in Turkish?
We share with you how the word All is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

all Tümü

How To Use All In A Sentence in Turkish?

I love watching football games on Sundays. Pazar günleri futbol maçlarını izlemeyi seviyorum. The children played a game of catch with a round ball. Çocuklar yuvarlak top ile yakalamaca oyunu oynadılar. The artist displayed her original paintings in the gallery. Sanatçı, orijinal resimlerini galeride sergiledi. Originally, I planned to go to the party but now I can't. Başlangıçta partiye gitmeyi planlamıştım ama şimdi gidemiyorum. She lived a simple and ordinary life in a small town. Küçük bir kasabada basit ve sıradan bir hayat yaşıyordu. I love hiking because it allows me to admire breathtaking views of nature. Yürüyüşü seviyorum çünkü nefes kesici doğa manzaralarına hayran olmamı sağlıyor. I accidentally left my rubber eraser on the desk. Yanlışlıkla lastik silgimi masanın üzerinde bıraktım. He accidentally spilled red wine on his white shirt, which completely ruined it. Yanlışlıkla beyaz gömleğine kırmızı şarap döktü ve bu onu tamamen mahvetti. I accidentally spilled coffee on my laptop and now it's ruined. Dizüstü bilgisayarıma yanlışlıkla kahve döktüm ve şimdi mahvoldu. The oldest tree in the forest stood tall and strong for centuries. Ormandaki en yaşlı ağaç yüzyıllar boyunca uzun ve güçlüydü.

Questions in English with All

Where do you usually buy your books?Have you ever crossed the border illegally?How many boxes do we need to pack all these things?Where was the lost wallet found?Which football team do you support?What types of foods do you usually avoid?How was the organisation initially established?What"s life like in a small village?Who usually runs the operations in your company?Have you visited the Okanagan Valley?Can you recall when the incident occurred?Do you occasionally indulge in desserts?Who typically occupies the position of CEO?Have you called your mum recently?Where are you from originally?Have you ever accidentally crushed something important?Do you really think that"s the best course of action?How high is the tallest building in the city?What do you find most challenging in life?What do you usually do on Mondays?

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