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After in Turkish

How to say After in Turkish?
We share with you how the word After is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

after sonrasında

How To Use After In A Sentence in Turkish?

My body is tired after a long day of work. Uzun bir çalışma gününden sonra vücudum yorgun. After eating dinner, I went for a walk. Akşam yemeğini yedikten sonra yürüyüşe çıktım. You may go to the park after finishing your homework. Ödevini bitirdikten sonra parka gidebilirsin. I am enjoying a hot cup of tea in the afternoon. Öğleden sonra bir fincan sıcak çayın tadını çıkarıyorum. I went for a walk in the park this afternoon. Bu öğleden sonra parkta yürüyüşe çıktım. I feel tired after a long day at work. Uzun bir iş gününden sonra kendimi yorgun hissediyorum. The grass appears green after a rainfall. Çim yağmurdan sonra yeşil görünür. I spent the entire afternoon swimming laps in the pool. Tüm öğleden sonrayı havuzda yüzerek geçirdim. I felt very unhappy after receiving the disappointing news. Hayal kırıklığı yaratan haberi aldıktan sonra kendimi çok mutsuz hissettim. He decided to lie down and take a nap after a long day at work. Uzun bir iş gününden sonra uzanıp biraz kestirmeye karar verdi.

Questions in English with After

Did you feel any pain in your body after the accident?What comes after the first chapter in the book?What comes after five?What comes after seven?What do you usually do in the afternoon?Are you feeling tired after the long day?Do you feel weak after exercising?Do you believe in life after death and going to heaven?Is it normal to feel tired after a long day"s work?Do you feel tension in your shoulders after a long day?Are visitors allowed in the museum after hours?Do you sometimes feel lethargic after a long day?Have you ever seen a rainbow after a rainstorm?Do you rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth?After finishing his homework, did Tom go outside to play basketball?What day of the week comes after Sunday?What time are we meeting this afternoon?What is the condition of the patient after surgery?Can you please continue working on the project after your break?Can you tell me where the boy went after school today?

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