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Adapt in Turkish

How to say Adapt in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Adapt is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

adapt adapte olmak

How To Use Adapt In A Sentence in Turkish?

He had to adapt to the new work schedule. Yeni çalışma programına uyum sağlaması gerekiyordu. The theory of evolution explains how species have changed and adapted over time. Evrim teorisi türlerin zaman içinde nasıl değiştiğini ve adapte olduğunu açıklar. The theory of evolution explains how species have adapted and changed over time. Evrim teorisi türlerin zaman içinde nasıl uyum sağladığını ve değiştiğini açıklar.

Questions in English with Adapt

How do you adapt to new situations?What are some biological adaptations of birds?Do you adapt easily to new situations?How do animals adapt to changes in their environment?What are some adaptations that animals have developed to survive in the desert?What are some popular books that have been adapted into successful movies?How can organisations effectively adapt to changing market environments?What strategies do successful organisations use to adapt to changing markets?How do older adults adapt to technological advancements in society?How do older adults adapt to new technologies as they age?What adaptations do oystercatchers have for feeding on shellfish?How do people adapt to different cultures?How do people adapt to changes in their environment?How do people adapt to new environments?What adaptations help bears survive in cold climates?How has humankind evolved over time to adapt to changing environments?How have humans adapted to changes in their environment over time?How do humans adapt to changes in their environment?Unlike most mammals, what adaptations do bats have for their unique nocturnal lifestyle?What are some examples of biological adaptations in animals?

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