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How to say Act in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Act is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

act davranmak

How To Use Act In A Sentence in Turkish?

Many actors take on different roles in various movies throughout their careers. Birçok oyuncu, kariyerleri boyunca çeşitli filmlerde farklı roller üstlenir. Values are the principles or beliefs that guide a person's actions and attitudes. Değerler, bir kişinin eylemlerine ve tutumlarına rehberlik eden ilkeler veya inançlardır. Violations of the company's code of conduct will result in disciplinary action. Şirketin davranış kurallarının ihlali disiplin cezasıyla sonuçlanacaktır. Olaf is my favorite character in the movie Frozen. Olaf, Frozen filmindeki en sevdiğim karakterdir. Occupational therapy helps individuals develop their skills for daily living activities. Ergoterapi, bireylerin günlük yaşam aktiviteleri için becerilerini geliştirmelerine yardımcı olur. Many students occupy their time with studying and extracurricular activities. Pek çok öğrenci zamanını ders çalışmakla ve ders dışı etkinliklerle meşgul eder. Respect is earned through actions and words. Saygı, davranış ve sözlerle kazanılır. The teacher's guidance had a positive impact on her students' achievements. Öğretmenin rehberliği, öğrencilerinin başarıları üzerinde olumlu bir etkiye sahipti. Climate change impacts the stability of ecosystems and biodiversity. İklim değişikliği ekosistemlerin ve biyolojik çeşitliliğin istikrarını etkiler. Humans are capable of incredible acts of kindness and compassion. İnsanlar inanılmaz nezaket ve merhamet eylemleri yapabilirler.

Questions in English with Act

How do you attract visitors to your website?What factors lead to the occurrence of such events?Do you really think that"s the best course of action?Can you describe the impact of climate change on coastal regions?Are you actively working on improving yourself?How do you plan your activities for Tuesday?What activities do you enjoy in February?Who is your favorite actor?Can you take action on this matter?Can you tell me exactly what happened?Can you check your bank account for any suspicious activity?Can you act in a play?Are you an active member of your community?Do you consider yourself an activist for any cause?What"s your favorite physical activity?Can you name a famous actress you admire?Is this your actual height?Did you actually see the accident happen?Do you agree with the terms of the contract?What are some agricultural practices used in your region?

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