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According in Turkish

How to say According in Turkish?
We share with you how the word According is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

according binaen

How To Use According In A Sentence in Turkish?

Please provide more details about the event so we can plan accordingly. Lütfen etkinlikle ilgili daha fazla ayrıntı sağlayın, böylece buna göre plan yapabiliriz. According to the weather forecast, it will be sunny tomorrow. Hava tahminine göre yarın hava güneşli olacak. God is believed to be the creator and ruler of the universe according to many religious faiths. Pek çok dini inanca göre Tanrı'nın evrenin yaratıcısı ve yöneticisi olduğuna inanılmaktadır. She had to accept her physical limitation and adjust her daily routine accordingly. Fiziksel sınırlamalarını kabul etmesi ve günlük rutinini buna göre ayarlaması gerekiyordu.

Questions in English with According

According to the instructions, what should we do next?Can you label these files according to their categories?What gods lived on Mount Olympus according to Greek mythology?Who is considered one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century, according to many scholars?How many lives does a cat supposedly have according to superstition?How many lives does a cat supposedly have, according to folklore?What is the best way to organize the presentation according to the guidelines?What is the ranking of the players according to their performance in the game?What is the correct way to proceed according to the guidelines?According to the weather forecast, will it rain tomorrow?Can you summarize the report according to the findings?What is the best way to organize our schedule according to your preferences?What are the guidelines for this project according to the company policy?Can you summarize the findings according to the report?What is the timetable for the event according to the organizers schedule?According to the weather forecast, is it going to rain tomorrow?What is the correct procedure according to the manual?Can you please explain the steps to follow according to the instructions?Can you summarize the results according to the data provided?What are the guidelines for this project according to the instructions given by the professor?

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