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How to say Accept in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Accept is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

accept kabul etmek

How To Use Accept In A Sentence in Turkish?

I will gladly accept your invitation to the party. Partiye davetinizi memnuniyetle kabul edeceğim. I received my acceptance letter for admission to the university. Üniversiteye kabul mektubumu aldım. She refused to accept the blame for the broken vase. Kırık vazonun suçunu kabul etmeyi reddetti. John apologized for his mistake and accepted full fault for the error. John hatasından dolayı özür diledi ve hatanın tüm hatasını kabul etti. Initially, she was hesitant to accept the offer but later changed her mind. Başlangıçta teklifi kabul etmekte tereddüt etti ancak daha sonra fikrini değiştirdi. She had to accept her physical limitation and adjust her daily routine accordingly. Fiziksel sınırlamalarını kabul etmesi ve günlük rutinini buna göre ayarlaması gerekiyordu.

Questions in English with Accept

Did they accept your proposal or reject it?Did they accept your proposal?Did he accept the nomination for president?Is this idea widely accepted in the scientific community?What factors influenced your decision to accept the job offer?Can you accept this gift graciously?Can you please explain the different forms of payment accepted at the store?Can you provide me with information on different forms of payment accepted at the store?Is it ever acceptable to be intentionally rude to someone?Have you decided to accept the job offer?What criteria does the committee use to accept new members?What criteria do universities use to determine which applicants to accept and reject?Can you accept the terms of the agreement?What circumstances would lead you to accept the job offer?What criteria are used to decide which job applications to accept and which to reject?What criteria does the university use to accept applicants into the program?Can you accept this job offer?What type of payment methods does the store accept?Can you accept the invitation to the party?What criteria do companies typically use to evaluate job applications and determine which candidates to accept or reject?

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