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Abandon in Turkish

How to say Abandon in Turkish?
We share with you how the word Abandon is written in English and its Turkish equivalent. You can listen to the English or Turkish pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

abandon terk etmek

How To Use Abandon In A Sentence in Turkish?

They had to abandon the plan due to unforeseen circumstances. Öngörülemeyen koşullar nedeniyle plandan vazgeçmek zorunda kaldılar. There was a ghost haunting the old, abandoned house. Eski, terk edilmiş evde bir hayalet dolaşıyordu.

Questions in English with Abandon

Have you ever felt the urge to abandon a project halfway through?Why did they choose to abandon their original plan?What caused the abandoned house to fall into ruin?What can be done to prevent the abandoned building from falling into ruin?In which neighborhoods do the homeless often occupy abandoned buildings?Can you explain why some people choose to abandon their pets?Have you ever experienced the feeling of abandonment?Have you ever had to abandon a project halfway through?Has the owner decided to abandon the project?Have you ever experienced feelings of abandonment?Has anyone ever experienced the feeling of being abandoned by someone they trusted?Why did they abandon their original plan?Has the search party found any evidence of the abandoned campsite?How can we prevent animals from being abandoned?In what circumstances did the family decide to abandon their old house?What are the consequences of a parents decision to abandon their child?Have you ever felt the pain of being abandoned by someone you trusted?What are the consequences of abandonment on a childs mental health?In what circumstances would someone choose to abandon their responsibilities?What are the consequences of abandoning your responsibilities?

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