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Stair in Chinese

How to say Stair in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Stair is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

stair 楼梯
lou ti

How To Use Stair In A Sentence in Chinese?

Climb the stairs to reach the top of the building. 爬上楼梯到达建筑物的顶部。 I climbed up the stair to reach the second floor. 我爬上楼梯到达二楼。 After falling down the stairs, Kate was rushed to the hospital to get X-rays to check for a possible fracture. 从楼梯上摔下来后,凯特被紧急送往医院接受X光检查,以检查是否有骨折。

Questions in English with Stair

How many stairs do you climb to reach your apartment?What is the nearest exit to the emergency staircase on this floor?

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