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Specifically in Chinese

How to say Specifically in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Specifically is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

specifically 具体来说
ju ti lai shuo

How To Use Specifically In A Sentence in Chinese?

I went to the store to buy ingredients for a dessert, specifically, chocolate chips. 我去商店购买甜点的原料,特别是巧克力片。

Questions in English with Specifically

What features are specifically designed for children in this playground?What features were specifically designed to enhance user experience on the new website?How do wildfires in the Amazon rainforest affect the environment, specifically in terms of their impacts on air quality and biodiversity?What are the different types of makeup products specifically designed for enhancing the appearance of the cheeks?

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