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How to say Software in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Software is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

software 软件
ruan jian

How To Use Software In A Sentence in Chinese?

There is a new version of the software available for download. 该软件有新版本可供下载。 The company is currently working on the implementation of new software for their internal operations. 该公司目前正在为其内部运营实施新软件。 Implementing a new software system can enhance efficiency and productivity within a company. 实施新的软件系统可以提高公司内部的效率和生产力。 Can you please explain how the new software works? 您能解释一下新软件的工作原理吗? Please describe your experience with the new software. 请描述您使用新软件的体验。 The company plans to develop a new software program. 该公司计划开发一种新的软件程序。 The new software update will enable users to access additional features. 新的软件更新将使用户能够访问更多功能。 The company plans to implement new software to streamline their operations. 该公司计划实施新软件来简化其运营。 I need to install a new software update on my computer. 我需要在我的计算机上安装新的软件更新。 I am currently participating in a coding program to learn how to develop software. 我目前正在参加一个编码计划,以学习如何开发软件。

Questions in English with Software

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