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Schedule in Chinese

How to say Schedule in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Schedule is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

schedule 日程
ri cheng

How To Use Schedule In A Sentence in Chinese?

I need to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the project's progress. 我需要安排一次后续会议来讨论项目的进展。 Orientation is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. 迎新活动定于明天上午 9:00 举行。 The final exam is scheduled for next week. 期末考试定于下周举行。 He had to adapt to the new work schedule. 他必须适应新的工作安排。 I need to hire a personal assistant to help me manage my schedule. 我需要聘请一名私人助理来帮助我管理我的日程安排。 I found satisfaction in completing my work ahead of schedule. 我对提前完成工作感到满意。 She carefully organized her schedule for the week. 她精心安排了一周的日程。 I need to schedule a maintenance check on the air conditioning system. 我需要安排对空调系统进行维护检查。 I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. 我明天早上安排了一个会议。 The author's new book is scheduled for publication next month. 作者的新书定于下个月出版。

Questions in English with Schedule

Have you scheduled a follow-up appointment with the doctor?What"s your schedule like on Wednesdays?Are you ahead of schedule?Have you scheduled a time to install the new software?Can we schedule the meeting for a later time?Have you scheduled the maintenance for the HVAC system?Have you scheduled the meeting yet?Did you check the schedule for the meeting?What day of the week is your appointment scheduled for?What time is the oya meeting scheduled for tomorrow?What time is the meeting scheduled for on Friday?When is the next march scheduled in the city?What time is the next train scheduled to arrive at the station?What time is the final exam scheduled for tomorrow?What time is the event scheduled to start?Who is the best academic adviser to consult about my course schedule?Can you tell me the meeting schedule for tomorrow, anyway?What is the schedule for the follow-up meeting next week?What time is the new employee orientation meeting scheduled for tomorrow?What time is the employee orientation scheduled for tomorrow?

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