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Meeting in Chinese

How to say Meeting in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Meeting is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

meeting 会议
hui yi

How To Use Meeting In A Sentence in Chinese?

I received a bonus for meeting my sales targets. 我因完成销售目标而获得奖金。 I need to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the project's progress. 我需要安排一次后续会议来讨论项目的进展。 The organization is holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss our goals for the upcoming year. 该组织将于明天召开会议,讨论我们来年的目标。 My supervisor asked me to compile the reports for the monthly sales meeting. 我的主管让我为每月的销售会议编写报告。 I will see you next Tuesday for our meeting. 下周二我们的会议见。 I forgot to bring my notepad to the meeting. 我忘记带记事本参加会议了。 I have arranged a meeting with my colleagues to discuss our upcoming project. 我已安排与同事会面,讨论我们即将进行的项目。 Her absence from the meeting was noticeable. 她缺席会议的情况引人注目。 I am meeting with my academic adviser tomorrow to discuss my course selections for next semester. 明天我将与我的学术顾问会面,讨论下学期的课程选择。 I will check my agenda to see if I am available for the meeting. 我将检查我的议程,看看我是否可以参加会议。

Questions in English with Meeting

What should we focus on during the meeting?Can you excuse my absence from the meeting?Did nobody inform you about the meeting?What"s on the agenda for today"s meeting?Did any issues arise during the meeting?Will you attend the meeting tomorrow?Did any new information emerge during the meeting?Where is the meeting hall located?Do you feel guilty about what happened at the meeting?Can you inform the team about the change in meeting times?Would you like to invite the new hire to our team meeting?Can we schedule the meeting for a later time?Have you scheduled the meeting yet?Isn"t it odd that he didn"t show up for the meeting?Have you met him prior to this meeting?What"s the purpose of this meeting?Can you remind me of our meeting tomorrow?Did you check the schedule for the meeting?Do you usually stand or sit during meetings?Have you attended a summit meeting before?

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