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Into in Chinese

How to say Into in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Into is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

into 进入
jin ru

How To Use Into In A Sentence in Chinese?

She used a pottery wheel to shape the clay into a beautiful form. 她用陶轮将粘土塑造成美丽的形状。 The tree's roots stretched deep into the ground. 树的根深深地扎入地下。 The ancient ruins of Pompeii provide a fascinating glimpse into the past. 庞贝古城遗址让您可以一睹过去的迷人风采。 The hikers descended into the lush green valley. 徒步旅行者下山进入郁郁葱葱的绿色山谷。 They saw him kick the ball into the goal. 他们看到他把球踢进了球门。 She put a lot of effort into studying for her final exam. 她为期末考试付出了很多努力。 I logged into my bank account to check my balance. 我登录了我的银行账户来查看我的余额。 Plant the seed in fertile soil and watch it grow into a beautiful flower. 将种子种在肥沃的土壤中,看着它长成美丽的花朵。 She kicked the ball into the net. 她把球踢进了网。 The baseball player slid into second base to avoid being tagged out. 棒球运动员滑入二垒以避免被标记。

Questions in English with Into

Did you put a lot of effort into your presentation?Do you fit into this dress?Are you into folk music?Have you gained any new insights into the problem?Can you gaze into the distance and tell me what you see?How can we incorporate these new findings into our existing research?Can you provide more insight into the cause of the injury?Can you let the dog out into the yard?Can you help me load these boxes into the truck?Can you translate this phrase into French?Can you transform this old piece of furniture into something new?Can you translate this document into Spanish?Are you hesitant to venture into new opportunities?Can you translate this document into Urdu?Have you translated the document into Spanish yet?Why wasn't the document translated into Chinese?Can you tell me who translated this song into Japanese?Which languages has this book been translated into?Are there any translations of this poem into Spanish?Can you provide a translation of this document into Spanish?

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