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Gene in Chinese

How to say Gene in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Gene is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

gene 基因
ji yin

How To Use Gene In A Sentence in Chinese?

Coal is used as a fuel for power generation. 煤炭用作发电燃料。 The general gave a command to his troops. 将军向他的部队发出了命令。 A concept is an abstract idea or general notion. 概念是一个抽象的想法或一般的概念。 She poured the sauce generously over her spaghetti. 她把酱汁慷慨地倒在意大利面条上。 Protecting the environment is essential for the well-being of future generations. 保护环境对于子孙后代的福祉至关重要。 Gene is the basic unit of heredity that is responsible for certain characteristics or traits. 基因是遗传的基本单位,负责某些特征或性状。 The general consensus was that the meeting went well. 普遍的共识是,会议进行得很顺利。 Generally, it is recommended to eat a balanced diet for good health. 一般来说,为了身体健康,建议均衡饮食。 The wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power several homes. 风力涡轮机可以产生足够的电力来为多个家庭供电。 Each generation has its own unique set of values and perspectives. 每一代人都有自己独特的价值观和观点。

Questions in English with Gene

How does electricity generation impact the environment?How much do you know about genetic engineering?Do you think the general public is well-informed?How do you generally approach problem-solving?Can you generate a report for me?What generation do you belong to?How do you study genetic traits?What will be your legacy to future generations?What methods are used for generating translations in this software?Are the translations machine-generated or human-translated?What strategies can be used to effectively manage natural resources for future generations?How can we effectively manage our natural resources for future generations?What actions can we take to preserve the well-being of humanity for future generations?What actions can humankind take to protect the environment for future generations?What role does humankind play in protecting the environment for future generations?What can we do to ensure that humanity thrives and prospers for generations to come?Im sorry, could you please provide more details about what type of question you would like me to generate containing the word sorry?I apologize for the inconvenience, but I cannot generate a question sentence containing the word sorry.Unlike traditional newspapers, how do online news sources cater to the preferences of younger generations?What are some ways in which the beauty of nature can be preserved for future generations?

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