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Detailed in Chinese

How to say Detailed in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Detailed is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

detailed 详细的
xiang xi de

How To Use Detailed In A Sentence in Chinese?

I need a detailed description of the item before I can make a purchase. 在购买之前,我需要该商品的详细描述。 The architect provided a detailed blueprint for the construction project. 建筑师提供了建筑项目的详细蓝图。 The teacher gave a detailed explanation of the math problem to the students. 老师给学生们详细讲解了这道数学题。 The instructor provided detailed instructions for the assignment. 讲师提供了作业的详细说明。 The architect presented a detailed model of the new building design. 建筑师展示了新建筑设计的详细模型。 I have a detailed plan for our upcoming project. 我对即将进行的项目有一个详细的计划。 I work in the field of radiography, which involves using imaging techniques to create detailed pictures of the inside of the body. 我在放射线照相领域工作,涉及使用成像技术创建身体内部的详细图片。

Questions in English with Detailed

Can you provide a detailed explanation?Can you provide a detailed analysis of the problem?Can you provide a very detailed explanation of the process?Can you please provide me with a detailed report of your findings?Can you analyze the data and provide a detailed report?Can you provide a detailed description of the project scope?Can you provide me with a detailed explanation of your project plan?Can you please provide a very detailed explanation for this topic?What information should be included in a detailed LinkedIn profile?Can you explain the camera settings needed to capture detailed images in low-light conditions?Can you provide a detailed comparison between these two products?How can you make a detailed comparison between the two products?How can a student make a detailed comparison between two different novels?In what ways can we make a detailed comparison between the two products?

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