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How to say Build in Chinese?
We share with you how the word Build is written in English and its Chinese equivalent. You can listen to the English or Chinese pronunciation of the word using the Listen button below.

build 建造
jian zao

How To Use Build In A Sentence in Chinese?

The foundation of a strong building is crucial for its stability. 坚固建筑物的地基对其稳定性至关重要。 The tall building occupies the entire city block. 这座高楼占据了整个街区。 You must wear a mask when entering the building. 进入大楼时必须佩戴口罩。 The city skyline was breathtaking as the sun set behind the towering buildings. 当太阳落在高耸的建筑物后面时,城市的天际线令人叹为观止。 I am going to build a sandcastle at the beach. 我要在海滩上建造一座沙堡。 I am looking for the exit so I can leave the building. 我正在寻找出口,以便离开大楼。 Security measures include using surveillance cameras and access control systems to protect the building. 安全措施包括使用监控摄像头和访问控制系统来保护建筑物。 The architect carefully designed the new office building. 建筑师精心设计了新办公楼。 I used a red brick to build a small flower bed in my backyard. 我在后院用红砖砌了一个小花坛。 The construction workers are building a new skyscraper in the city center. 建筑工人正在市中心建造一座新的摩天大楼。

Questions in English with Build

Which is the oldest building in your city?How do you build muscles effectively?How high is the tallest building in the city?Are you planning to build a new house?Did you build this block tower?How can we build a stronger community?What are the steps in constructing a building?Who is the designer of this building?Have you ever visited an enormous building?Can you show me the entrance to the building?Who will guard the entrance to the building?Is the building constructed of steel or concrete?What is the main purpose of a building foundation?How old is the historical building in the town square?What factors were considered when the architect designed the new building?What is the maximum height of the building?What materials are needed to build a sturdy foundation for the new house?What is the nearest exit to the main entrance of the building?What materials are commonly used to build a cinder block wall?What safety measures are in place to prevent a bomb threat in the building?

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